Our Story


Earnshaw and his Friends are unique characters with their own back-stories and personalities. The characters are also all based on real-life pets and other animals that the author has owned or encountered throughout his life. Here you’ll find our story and a description of each character and the real animal that influenced the character.

The Characters

A rich array of characters feature in our books, here you can meet the whole ensemble!

The Influencers

All the characters are based on real pets and other animals we have known over the years.

Best Sellers

Cat's Eyes

Earnshaw, the Tiger Tabby Kitten, was born into dereliction and deprivation in Salford; cast into the dark, oily waters of the Docks by a vicious Human but rescued by a kindly passer-by. 

Witches Brew

Earnshaw, the Tiger Tabby, and his new family of animal friends have their parallel world invaded by a group of vicious Humans, bent on attacks on their own unsuspecting, adopted Human family and their animal circle.


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Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Very funny & had difficulty putting it down..


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