The Characters


The Earnshaw series of books have a full cast of crazy characters from Starsky the Hippy Rabbit to Oleg the three-legged dog. You’ll soon begin to appreciate the author’s quirky sense of humour with the names of the animals. Most of the characters are based on true-life animals the author has owned or encountered through the years and their unique personalities are now brought to the printed page for everyone to enjoy.


The Tiger Tabby

Rescued from drowning in Salford Docks by a girl with a string shopping bag. Has amazing level of intelligence, natural cunning and skill sets. Bad loser; inevitably destined to be a leader.


A laid-back Rabbit.

Hobbies: Watching TV and making up limericks. Problems: suffers from borborygmus with aromatic consequences for his ‘Friends’!


A belligerent Parrot

Adopted and protected by Earnshaw and his Friends. Partial to alcohol, curries and singing rude songs. Once arrested for making indecent phone calls.


Olegovski Ballockov

Once owned by a Russian Spy in Yorkshire but escaped
Suffered much ill-treatment including the loss of a leg.

Hercule Parrot

A grey Parrot

Ambition: to be a Pet Detective.

Achievement: A busybody.

Hefty Ramsbottom

 A slobbering, snuffling, yowling Bulldog with a dark secret, which gives him nightmares and results in unpredictable behaviour.


Used to give Donkey rides on Blackpool beach. Sacked for pinching ice-creams, eating the Mayor’s hat and interfering with his Regalia. Very stubborn and bad-tempered.

Percy the carrier Pigeon

Navigation expert. Licenced to use Sat Nav, Cameras and modified iPhones. Top of the communications pecking order. Descended from war heroes. An essential member of the RSPCA.


aka The Great Wazz

Scruffy, clumsy, juvenile Heron; a disappointment to his Parents. Ambition to be a Ballet Dancer but suffers from the disadvantage of having his knees on back-to-front!

Angus MaCaw

Rescued from a Glasgow Restaurant with his Friend, Mahatma, an Indian Myner Bird, where the ‘worked’ as assistant cloakroom attendants; known by customers as ‘Mahat, macoat!’ Hobbies: Bad bagpipe impressions.


aka Big H

Favourite food: Hens’  Eggs, raw. Personal grooming and hygiene a Health and Safety problem. Requires an undisturbed, warm and secure Hibernaculum in winter.


Caruthers and Renata, guarding their Cria and Carlos from Foxes at the Farm. All spit and no polish!

Carlos the Cockerel

The farm’s gaudy Cockerel introduced to increase egg-laying. Continuously harassed by the vicious Attila the Hen!

Enoch the Kitten

Named after the long-lived son of Methusela. Once the unwitting tool of spies. Short attention span. Attracted to butterflies.

The Trotters

Stable of racing pigs from the farm. Usually, win, often bringing home the bacon, by cheating ganging up and barging competitors into fences. The swine!

Flower the Collie

Young farm dog once came off worse in a fight against a giant hare which turned out to be a wallaby. Acts as a guide to Judas the donkey, shutting gates behind him.

The Influencers

Here you’ll find pictures and biographies of the real pets and other animals we have known over the years

Best Sellers

Cat's Eyes

Earnshaw, the Tiger Tabby Kitten, was born into dereliction and deprivation in Salford; cast into the dark, oily waters of the Docks by a vicious Human but rescued by a kindly passer-by. 

Witches Brew

Earnshaw, the Tiger Tabby, and his new family of animal friends have their parallel world invaded by a group of vicious Humans, bent on attacks on their own unsuspecting, adopted Human family and their animal circle.


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Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Very funny & had difficulty putting it down..


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